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A small community of caregivers, who are loving, caring people, with big, beautiful hearts. These are the people taking care of our families at Concord Royale.

Carolyn M., family member

I am profoundly thankful that my 87 year old aunt was able to move into Concord Royale. The most important facet of an assisted living facility is the management and staff and at the Royale they treat the residents with the utmost respect and kindness.

It really makes me feel good to know I found the best place for my aunt. Seniors really benefit and in fact live longer from maintaining friendships, staying physically active, eating healthy and being involved in their community, all of which are important aspects at Concord Royale.

Chris H., nephew of resident

Jim’s mother has been living at Concord Royale going on eight years and truly thinks of it as her home. She has made many friends and enjoys all the activities, entertainment and social occasions.

We cannot say enough about the care, kindness, and compassion shown to her and to us by all the staff and management.

Donna & Jim, family members

Having been a long term corporate manager, I am fascinated by this type of on-the-job TLC (tender loving care). The staff (at Concord Royale) love what they do and feel very supported and appreciated by the management and owners.

Nancy St. Germaine, resident

Finding a home for your parent, where their needs will be met and they will feel at home, plus please all your siblings and be in your price range is very challenging, to say the least. I walked into Concord Royale after driving by it for over 20 years without giving it any thought. I was surprised by how welcoming the staff was. After visiting all the assisted living centers in the area I had almost given up hope. Concord Royale was the first place that felt like home.

My background is in childcare administration and my first answers to the questions I get on how to tell if a childcare center is a good one are: Do you feel comfortable there? And, check the staff turnover rate. I know that if people are not happy in their workplace they will not stay there. I was immediately impressed with the length of time a majority of staff members have worked at Concord Royale but also that this information was actually posted around the community areas each month. I am always greeted with a smile and “hello” even when only passing in a hallway. This really makes you feel welcome.

Barbara, daughter of resident