My mother has stayed here about 4 times for short respite stays of about 3 weeks at a time. What is most important is that all the people on the staff and administration are caring and helpful. Truly seeming to care about my mother, dropping by to see if she needs anything. Recently a friend’s mother stayed at a very highly rated rehab, and no one answered her buzzer. At the Concord Royale, they always came when my mother called. She is blind and often needs help with little things, and the people are always on call. Thank you very much.
Loraine K.

family member, caregiver

Concord Royale is a great assisted living facility. The staff is the most caring I have ever encountered. Every client is treated with dignity and love.
Lin S.

My mother has been there for a few years and loves it there. The staff are very attentive, and must like their jobs because they stay on the job for years. The food is excellent! Really! We love having meals with mom because the food is consistently excellent! CR has lots of activities and holiday events for the residents. Their wonderful Grandparent’s Day celebration includes a petting zoo for the kids, nice entertainment and lunch for the entire family!
Rhonda S.

family member

It’s not too fancy or too modern, two things my uncle, a World War II veteran and child of the Great Depression, would never have liked. The people who work there genuinely love the residents and show it constantly. I have shown up there unannounced many times, at random hours, and have only always seen cheerful, happy, caring employees and content residents. They treat every resident with the utmost respect and dignity. My uncle has adjusted to his living there and is very happy. Oh yes, and the food is really good – delicious and nutritious. They go out of their way to accommodate my uncle’s picky eating habits. His health has improved since he moved there because he is eating well, sleeping at night, and has lots of activities and friends to keep his mind engaged. When I’m older and need to move out of my home for extra help I want to live at Concord Royale!
Pamela L.

family member of resident

I went back and forth between four and five stars, and decided that five stars was right for one important reason – the people. Both management and staff here are great – kind, friendly and caring.

More details: My elderly mother was here, and just passed away at the age of 97. She had also been here once before, a number of years ago (long and complicated story), so I have some familiarity with Concord Royale.

Here is why I was thinking of giving it less than five stars. It is located on Clayton Road, a busy four lane road, with apartment complexes on either side, not on some tree-shaded lane or on a hill with a view. (But I never heard any significant road noise.) The building and grounds are nondescript – just halls with rooms off them, no fancy atrium or gardens with walking paths. (But the hallways and gathering areas are very decorated, not sterile or institutional feeling.) I didn’t eat much of the food, but from what I saw and my mother’s description, it seemed largely uninspiring (but not bad), and there was no fancy “bistro” for eating outside of the designated meal hours.

But the bottom line for the residents in assisted living (as opposed to visiting family members) is how good is the care you are getting, and that is why I am giving them five stars. Connie the director was always kind and caring and attentive, and did her best to accommodate my mother, who could be very picky and demanding. The majority of the staff I encountered were also very friendly and helpful, and worked hard to do a good job taking care of my mother, and I got the sense that they really cared about her. The facilities are clean and there is no smell.

So bottom line is that yes, it is an assisted living facility, and it may not be the most luxurious (or expensive) one out there, but where it really matters – the people and the quality of care – it is exemplary, and I appreciate the kindness and care they gave my mother at the end of her life.

Peter A.

family member of resident

It is clean, they are nice and caring, your loved one is safe and good food. What more could you ask for.
Suzi S.

family member of resident

It all comes down to a comfort level and affordability about the facility. Many of the employees have been there many years as well as Connie the Director and I believe a very low turnover rate, which is a good sign. It has a very homey feel rather than austere and cold. I placed my friend there a few years ago and feel it’s a good fit. They really give her great care. They seemed to have survived the most challenging time period during covid 19 as well! I am very grateful we have decided upon this facility.
Margaret H.

family member of resident

My mother-in-law lived at Concord Royale for 5 years and our family deeply appreciates the loving care that she received. We always felt that she was safe and happy. This is a family-owned facility and it shows in the way residents are treated. My husband, his siblings and my mother in law’s grandchildren would drop in as often as possible and we always found my mother-in-law up and about and engaged in an activity or talking with other residents. When she would forget to go to breakfast or lunch – the staff would pleasantly get her to go to the dining room. As her dementia increased, the staff kept us informed and made helpful suggestions. We would choose Concord Royale again – which says everything about how much we appreciate the care our beloved mother and grandmother received!
Della P.

family member of resident

The staff is very dedicated, and most of them have worked at Concord Royale for many years. They know the residents well, and take good care of each person. They are very responsive and always try their best to accommodate requests. My dad, who didn’t want to move to assisted living, now feels at home and is having a good experience at Concord Royale. It’s a good place.
Julie W.

family member of resident

I love this place. My grandfather lived here at 89 years old after a heart attack and a fall. The transition was very difficult for him and the staff has been amazing through it all.

He’s been living here for two years now and has made a lot of friends. He loves the food and often refuses to eat anywhere else. The Concord Royale has a variety of activities for their residents to participate in ranging from exercise programs to poker tournaments and a weekly wine gathering. The scouts come in to socialize regularly and there is often musical entertainment or special events. The staff knows not only the residents by name and their habits but the families as well. I am always greeted with a smile and conversation upon my arrival and the staff always tells me where my grandfather is.

Kat C.

family member of resident

My 96 year old mother has stayed here twice for short-term Respite Stays.
And one thing that’s good about them is that they have 2 dedicated Respite rooms. These rooms are spacious, well-furnished, and have a patio for sitting outdoors. The facility is modern and clean and fully staffed.
And the staff really care about helping. One time my mother fell and hurt her finger, and they made a homemade splint that really worked.
But the highest praise goes to Connie, the manager, who found time in her busy schedule to visit my mom, check in on her, cheer her up, and take care of every concern. Thank you very much. I’m planning another stay soon.
Lora K.

family member of resident

A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day